Welcome to the Next Dimension in BPOs

Some say that our innovative approach to multi-sourced valuation opinions is revolutionary. The truth is we consider it remarkably evolutionary. For years mortgage and investment professionals have gambled on single-agent opinions to determine market prices. BPOMerge™ is a game changer. By leveraging three independent expert price opinions to achieve valuation consensus, BPOMerge is the industry’s most reliable BPO. Fueled with real-time data integration and advanced auditing features, every element of BPOMerge sets new standards that can’t be matched by traditional Broker Price Opinions. Welcome to our evolution and say goodbye to your traditional BPO.

Collaborative Valuation

The entire concept of BPOMerge starts by using three qualified agents to develop independent price opinions and merge it into the most probable price for your subject. We first score each agent on how well they chose comparables to the subject and use this to fuel advanced algorithms. The resulting MergeValue™ provides the most likely price for your subject property. BPOMerge takes it one step further by providing a MergeValue Confidence Score that not only reflects agent consensus, but also whether the provided MLS comparables support MergeValue price determination. BPOMerge is designed from the ground up to inspire confidence in your price opinions.

Audacious Auditing

BPOMerge completely redefines QC with 7 levels of total quality management. Starting from assigning the most qualified agents near the subject to our innovative automated audit system, BPOMerge sets new standards in valuation quality.

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