Delivering Serious Results

In today’s banking and investment climate, it’s essential that your valuation technology solutions provider equips you with real insight into property and market conditions. Truth is, agents are your “feet on the street” and you’re relying on them to provide essential details needed to manage risk and investment decisions. It is time to challenge conventional wisdom, which is why we developed a new breed of Broker Price Opinions. BPOPro™ leverages our proprietary platform and delivers an industry-leading valuation solution. BPOPro™ digs deeper into the property details and conditions driving today’s real estate valuations. We like to think we designed the perfect BPO, but when you’re as passionate as we are about innovation, BPOPro™ is just the beginning.

Unconventional Conditions

With BPOPro™ we thought it was time to take a novel approach to site inspections. We’re ready to go beyond broken windows and address real subject and neighborhood valuation targets. We know our clients are often thousands of miles away from the subject, and need to dig into what’s really driving the market. That’s why our agents collect over 34 subject and neighborhood related inspection elements.

Audacious Auditing

It’s more than just multiple levels of total quality management – we knew the best way to get the right answers is to ask the right questions. That’s why every time our agents submit a BPOPro™ report, we perform an automated audit to drive the industry’s most in-depth commentary. We believe rich commentary not only provides insight other BPOs lack, but leverages local market expertise like no other alternative valuation product on the market. We’ve even created custom audit questions to find the answers for our client’s toughest questions.

Feature BPOPro™ Desktop BPOPro™ Exterior BPOPro™ Interior
Inspection Type None/Desktop Exterior Interior
Property Condition
Subject & Neighborhood Inspection Elements 40+ 40+
Subject Inspection Photos
Repairs & Cost-To-Cure
Valaution & Market Assessment
As-Is and Quick-Sale Price Opinion
Expert-Selected Listing and Sold Comparables
Comparable Location Map
Comparable MLS Photos
Agent Commentary
Market & Neighborhood Trend Assessment
Integrated Quality and Audit Rules
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